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A Bit About Me

Bengali from the great ’90s, a decade that introduced technology. Biochemist working on Biosensing and Cellular Communication. Wandering around India since 2018. Outside the lab, I’m interested in almost everything from video games to the latest viral video on the internet. Cajonist (wiktionary says that this word exists so…). Exploring communication in many different ways.

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Anchor 1


A Portable Colorimetry Sensing Device For Point of Care Diagnostics

Indian Patent (Application No. 202111046586)

Pranjal Chandra, Supratim Mahapatra, and Amit Thakur

Status: Filed


Anchor 2

Development of a palm-sized bioelectronic sensing device for protein detection in milk samples
🔗Article Link

S Mahapatra, P Chandra*

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 123132, 2022

(Impact Factor: 8.025)

Antibody-receptor bioengineering and its implications in designing bioelectronic devices
🔗Article Link

DS Dkhar, R Kumari, S Mahapatra, Divya, R Kumar, T Tripathi, P Chandra*

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 218, 2022

(Impact Factor: 8.025)


Engineering Design, Implementation, and Sensing Mechanisms of Wearable Bioelectronic Sensors in Clinical Settings
🔗Article Link

DS Dkhar, R Kumari, S Mahapatra, Divya, P Chandra*

Electroanalysis, 2022

(Impact Factor: 3.223)


Nano-bioengineered Sensing Technologies for Real-time Monitoring of Reactive Oxygen Species in in vitro and in vivo models
🔗Article Link

R Kumari, DS Dkhar, S Mahapatra, Divya, R Kumar, P Chandra*

Microchemical Journal, 107615, 2022

(Impact factor: 4.821)

Marine Biological Macromolecules as Matrix Material for Biosensor Fabrication
🔗Article Link

N Bedi, DK Srivastava, A Srivastava, S Mahapatra, DS Dkhar, P Chandra*, A Srivastava*

Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2022

(Impact factor: 4.530)

Design and development of Lactoferrin conjugated lipid-polymer nano-bio-hybrid for cancer theranostics

🔗Article Link

R Kumar, N Varshney, S Mahapatra, SK Mahto, VK Dubey, P Chandra*

Materials Today Communications, 2022

(Impact Factor: 3.383)


N-acetyl-D-glucosamine Decorated Nano-lipid-based Carriers as Theranostics Module for Targeted Anti-cancer Drug Delivery

🔗Article Link

R Kumar, Divya, S Mahapatra, VK Dubey, P Chandra*

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2022

(Impact Factor: 4.094)


Ultrasensitive Aptasensors for the Detection of Viruses Based on Opto-Electrochemical Readout Systems

🔗Article Link

Divya, DS Dkhar, R Kumari, S Mahapatra, R Kumar, P Chandra*

Biosensors (Basel), 12(2), 2022

(Impact factor: 5.519)


Nano-Bio-Engineered Silk Matrix-based Sensing Devices for Molecular Bioanalysis

🔗Article Link

A Sammi^, Divya^, S Mahapatra, R Kumar, P Chandra*

Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2022 ^Equally Contributed

(Impact factor: 4.530)


Ultra-sensitive Detection of Tizanidine in Commercial Tablets and Urine Samples Using Zinc Oxide Coated Glassy Carbon Electrode

Article Link🔗
LS Killedar, MM Shanbhag, SJ Malode, GB Bagihalli, S Mahapatra, NP Shetti*, P Chandra*

Microchemical Journal, 2021

(Impact Factor: 4.821)


Amberlite XAD-4 based electrochemical sensor for diclofenac detection in urine and commercial tablets

Article Link🔗

MM Shanbhag, D Ilager, S Mahapatra, NP Shetti*, P Chandra*

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2021

(Impact Factor: 4.094)


Nanobioengineered Sensing Technologies Based on Cellulose Matrices for Detection of Small Molecules, Macromolecules, and Cells

Article Link🔗     PMID: 34073910     PMCID: PMC8225109

Divya, S Mahapatra, VR Srivastava, P Chandra*

Biosensors (Basel), 2021, 11(6), 168

(Impact Factor: 5.519)

Part of the special issue: Cellulose-Based Biosensing Platforms


Electrochemical Biosensors for Monitoring of Bioorganic and Inorganic Chemical Pollutants in Biological and Environmental Matrices
Article Link🔗

UP Azad, S Mahapatra, Divya, A Srivastava, NP Shetti, P Chandra*
Microbial Biodegradation and Bioremediation
Imprint: Elsevier, USA, 2021


An Overview of the Diagnostic Strategies for Early Detection and Point-of-Care Testing of COVID-19

Article Link🔗

S Mahapatra, B Purohit, MM Shanbhag, NP Shetty, SK Mahto, P Chandra

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future: Virology, Epidemiology, Translational Toxicology and Therapeutics, 2020

Royal Society of Chemistry

Featured In: Reading Room, Chemistry World


Cinnamaldehyde, the major component of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, affects inflammatory pathways

Article Link🔗

S Mahapatra, S Roy, P Chakraborty, N Chakraborty, U Paul, P Chatterjee, S Banerjee, P Sarkar, M Bhattacharya*

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2020, 11, 11, 5788-91

(Impact Factor: 1.230)


Green Facile Synthesis to Develop Nanoscale Coordination Polymers as Lysosome Targetable Luminescent Bioprobe

Article Link🔗     PMID: 33107498

S Karim, S Mukherjee^, S Mahapatra^, R Parveen, D Das*

Biomaterials Science, 2020, 9, 124-132  ^Equal Contribution

(Impact Factor: 6.843)

Part of the themed collection: Biomaterials Science HOT Articles


Advanced Biosensing Methodologies for Ultrasensitive Detection of Human Coronaviruses

Article Link🔗

S Mahapatra, A Baranwal, B Purohit, S Roy, SK Mahto, P Chandra*

Diagnostic Strategies of COVID-19 and other Coronaviruses, 2020, 19-36

Springer, Singapore


Insights Into Novel Coronavirus and Covid-19 Out-break

Article Link🔗

A Baranwal, S Mahapatra, B Purohit, S Roy, P Chandra*

Diagnostic Strategies of COVID-19 and other Coronaviruses, 2020, 1-17

Springer, Singapore


Clinically Practiced and Commercially Viable Nanobio Engineered Analytical Methods for COVID-19 Diagnosis

Article Link🔗     PMID: 32729494     PMCID: PMC7834411

S Mahapatra, P Chandra*

Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2020, 165, 112361

(Impact Factor: 10.618)

Part of the Special Issue: COVID-19 Biosensing Technologies


Nanomaterial Functionalization Strategies in Bio-Interface Development for Modern Diagnostic Devices

Article Link🔗

K Mahato, A Kumar, B Purohit, S Mahapatra, A Srivastava, P Chandra*

Biointerface Engineering: Prospects in Medical Diagnostics and Drug Delivery, 2020, 195-214

Springer, Singapore


Bio-Nano-Interface Engineering Strategies of AuNPs Passivation for Next-Generation Biomedical Applications

Article Link🔗

A Kumar, B Purohit, K Mahato, S Mahapatra, A Srivastava, P Chandra*

Biointerface Engineering: Prospects in Medical Diagnostics and Drug Delivery, 2020, 215-231

Springer, Singapore


Natural Habitat, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties of a Medicinal Weed–Cleome Rutidosperma DC. (Cleomaceae): A Comprehensive Review

Article Link🔗

P Ghosh, S Chatterjee*, P Das, S Karmakar, S Mahapatra

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2019, 10, 4, 1000-08

(Impact Factor: 1.230)


Amelioration of Diabetic Nephropathy Using Pomegranate Peel Extract Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles: Assessment of NF-κB and Nrf2 Signaling System

Article Link🔗     PMID: 30880978     PMCID: PMC6413818

K Manna, S Mishra, M Saha, S Mahapatra, C Saha, G Yenge, N Gaikwad, R Pal, D Oulkar, K Banerjee, KD Saha*

International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2019, 14, 1753-1777

(Impact Factor: 6.400)


Morphological Characteristics and Phyto-pharmacological Detailing of Hatishur (Heliotropium indicum Linn.): A Concise Review

Article Link🔗

P Ghosh, P Das, C Das, S Mahapatra, S Chatterjee*

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 2018; 7, 5, 1900-1907


A New Triazine Based π-conjugated Mesoporous 2D Covalent Organic Framework: It’s in vitro Anticancer Activities

Article Link🔗     PMID: 30324943

SK Das, S Mishra, K Manna, U Kayal, S  Mahapatra, KD Saha, S Dalapati, GP Das, AA Mostafa, A Bhaumik*

Chemical Communication, 2018, 54, 11475-11478

(Impact Factor: 6.222)

Part of the themed collection: 20th Anniversary of the CRSI: Celebrating Indian Chemistry in ChemComm


A Green Approach to Synthesize Crystalline Nanoscale ZnII-Coordination Polymers: Cell Growth Inhibition and Immunofluorescence Study

Article Link🔗     PMID: 29543450

S Mukherjee, S Ganguly, K Manna, S Mondal, S Mahapatra, D Das*

Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 57, 7, 4050–4060

(Impact Factor: 5.165)

Work Experience

2020 - Present

Anchor 3

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi

PhD Scholar (JRF)

Laboratory of Bio-physio Sensors & Nanobioengineering

School of Biochemical Engineering

Research Area: Biosensors, Nanobiotechnology, Wearable Technology

2018 - 2019

CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology


Cancer Biology and Inflammatory Disorder Division

School of Biochemical Engineering

Research Area: Design of different drug-loaded surface fabricated nano-conjugates, for targeted drug delivery

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